Game Five: The beast in the pit

I get two worms first, then three later

Beginning of session

  • Lego Lass being an elf only needed to meditate for 4 hours. She skulked around the village before dawn and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. She noted one of the runners, Tomes, come back just before dawn. As she made her way back to the stone house where the party was sleeping, a second runner, Ewes, returned. 
  • The party woke up and spoke to John and discussed the runners findings.

    • Ewes, who ran to Aben saw cloaked figures en-route to the town. The village headman there said they have seen cloaked figures in the area over the last few nights and was quite worried about the figures. He said that he had some men who would be willing to assist the party if they go to the Ravine.
    • Tomes, who ran to Cacot, said he arrived and the town was just empty. Noone was there. He spent roughly 20-30 minutes there but was thoroughly creeped out so returned as fast as he could.
    • Walter never returned from Brebury.
  • The party asked John if there was someone else they could talk to in town. He said that they could speak with Bruce.
  • The party talked to Bruce (and his lovely wife Brucette) about the Beast in the ravine and backed up everything John had said. They also confirmed that when the villagers ejected the cult from the Gaaery they suffered a loss of roughly 30-40 villagers to the wrath of the cultists. 

Traveling to Aben

  • On the way to Aben, Rostov investigated tracks and found nothing out of the ordinary. Upon getting closer to the village, Rostov once again checked and found tracks of roughly 10 humanoids carrying light gear coming from the Ravine had gone in the direction of the village. 
  • With the Village in-sight, the party discussed what to do. If there were cultists in the village or the villagers were hostile they didn't just want to go straight in, also they wanted to know where the tracks would lead. After a quick debate it was decided that Rostov and [[:marvin-mayhem | Marvin]] would continue following the tracks and that the rest would enter the village. 
  • Rostov and Marvin followed the tracks for roughly 30 minutes finding that the tracks skirted the village and then headed back to the Ravine.


  • Cara, Ernie, Lego and Astrid entered the village of Aben. The villagers looked worried and panicky. 
  • The headman of the village, Tobias, was called and he greeted the party. He was aware they were here from the runner, Ewes, who had been by the previous night. He explained that they'd seen the cloaked figures the previous night and had blocked off the roads to dissuade them from entering the town. He answered their questions regarding the history of the Beast in the pit. Midway through, Rostov and Marvin arrived in the town and joined the conversation.
  • Tobias took the party to the lone stone building in the village and gave them the item that had been left behind by the cultists a decade ago. It was a golden rod like scepter with jewels inlaid into the hilt. At the top was an egg like shape made of gold. He happily gave it to them to aid in their quest. He also promised the aid of two of his strongest men from the village. 
  • The party discussed with Tobias what the next best step would be to go to the other villages and formed a plan to checkout Cacot and then Brebury. If Tobias would send a runner to Gaaery and have John send some men that would be helpful and would mean they wouldn't have to strikeout from Gaaery the next morning. Tobias agreed and told them the best route to take.

Road to Cacot and what they found there

  • On the road to Cacot, Rostov, Legolass and Astrid were able to find trails leading toward the Ravine to and from the village. 
  • The village itself was empty. No sign of people leaving in a hurry, it's just empty and abandoned. 
  • Upon investigating the stone building like all the other villages, they spent time trying to determine if anyone was inside. Cara called upon Ormazd to sense if there was anything of magic or evil inside the building and sensed trace amounts of evil. After much deliberation and stealth, they finally determined the building was empty. Where the cults items were previously held beneath the wooden floors had been pried up and whatever was inside had been removed.
  • After investigating the whole time, they party determined that they would have enough time to get to [[Brebury | Brebury]] and then back to Aben and prepare for the next day.

Worms and Brebury

  • En route to Brebury the party discovered tracks that signified a lot of humanoids had come through recently within the last 12-24 hours. There are some drag marks that were easily discoverable.



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