The Duchy of Penworthy was formed roughly 300 years ago as part of an old empire. The Empire crumbled 250 years ago, no one can remember how the Emperor passed. There was a war that followed with no one being the victor and an uneasy truce between the remaining Duchies. The Empire then separated into 15 Duchies of which Penworthy being is one.

Penworthy is boarded with 3 other Duchies and a coastline. The capital is a large town called Tydon where the Duke Roge resides in his palace. There is one coastal town and multiple coastal villages.

Physical Area

240 sq miles. There is a long coast-line that travels from it's most north-easterly point to it's lowest south-eastern point. Over half the land is wilderness.


The Duchy of Penworthy has a rough population of 20,000 people.


The population can support over 500 soldiers and in times of war, it can enlist more people if there were a need for defense against an invading force.


The Duchy of Penworthy has several warships and galleys used for patrolling the coast of the Duchy. There is a dedicated number of sailors/marines that form the navy.

Cities, towns, settlements and locations


The Duchy of Penworthy has 0 active castles and 1 ruined. Of these, 0 castles and 0 ruined are in civilized lands, and 0 castles and 1 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.

Duchy Religion

The most popular religion in the Duchy is Shul, the god of the Moon. The Duke’s standard has the symbol for Shul on it.


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