The Village of Muse covers an area of approximately 6 acres, with a total Population of 356 people.

Npc Trades In Town:

Trade Total Trade Total
Baker 1 Mercer 1
Barber 1 Old Clothier 1
Bookbinder 1 Painter 1
Butcher 1 Pastry Cook 1
Carpenter 1 Shoe Makers 1
Chandler 1 Spice Merchant 1
Hat Maker 1 Tailor 1
Jeweler 1 Tavern Keeper 1
Maid/Servants 1 Water Carrier 1
Mason 1 Weavers 1

Established Religions

There is 11 monks/acolytes total that assist in enacting rites and looking after the places of worship for the following gods in Muse:

  • Shul, god of the moon
  • Ulesh, god of peace
  • Daenthar, the Mountain Lord, greater god of earth and industry
  • Justica, goddess of justice and mercy
  • Ildavir, goddess of nature

Nobel Houses

Muse is home to two Nobel Houses:

  • Eelm
  • Gylas

 Other Information

The town's peace is kept by two guardsmen and there is one advocate (Symas Clyslew) to assist with legal matters.


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