This village is situated in the most easterly point of the Five Streams villages. The stream of Abias runs near this village. 


The Village of Gaaery covers an area of approximately 1 acre, with a total Population of 80 people.

NPC Trades In the Village

Trade Total Trade Total
Carpenter 1 Old Clothier 1
Furier 1 Shoe Maker 1

The rest of the village consists of mostly farmers, fishers and hunters. This village does not tend to trade with anyone outside of the Five Streams villages because most of their yield is for subsisting and trading among their neighbours. If trade does occur for the Five Streams, this village usually handles the trade with the outside world.

Established Religions

There are no holy men or women in the village. There are some loose words said to Shul, goddess of the moon, but otherwise no religion is fully acknowledged. The people here are still wary of religion after throwing off the yolk of the religious order that ruled them.

Nobel Houses

Gaaery supports nor is ruled by any of Penworthy's Noble houses. 

Other Information

The town's peace is kept by one guardsmen and there is a village Headman who acts as an advocate to assist with legal matters.


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