Five Streams villages

Several villages established closely to each other back . They all have a stream that runs by each of the villages that converges into the Roywich River

The Villages

NPC Professions across the Villages

Trade Total Trade Total
Baker 1 Old Clothier 1
Blacksmith 2 Roofer 1
Buckle Maker 1 Ropemaker 1
Butcher 1 Shoemaker 1
Carpenter 1 Tavern 1
Chicken Butcher 1 Wood Cutter 1
Doctor 1 Weaver 1
Furier 1    

The rest of the villages are mostly farmers, fishers and hunters. The villages do not tend to trade with anyone outside of the Five Streams because most of their yield is for subsisting and trading among their neighbours. They use mostly a barter system internally with any excess food that cannot be stored sold to travelling merchants.

Established Religions

There are no holy men or women in the village. There are some loose words said to Shul, goddess of the moon, but otherwise no religion is fully acknowledged. The people here are still wary of religion after throwing off the yolk of the religious order that ruled them.

Nobel Houses

The Five Streams Villages supports nor is ruled by any of Penworthy's Noble houses. It is still part of Penworthy so it is subject to the rule of the Duke.

Five Streams villages

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