With a history spanning back over 450 years as part of the old empire, the Dominion of Cantor has a rich history and many older traditions forged from the Emperors laws. They are one of the more militaristic of Duchies maintaining a large army and navy.

They use their muscle to make sure all trades are in their favour and have been known to test borders with neighbouring Duchies (of which there are three: Adwyth, Chugtai and Penworthy).

Physical Area

The Dominion of Cantor covers an area of 600 sq miles. There is a long coastline that travels from it's most north-easterly point to it's lowest south-eastern point. Over half the land is arable and farmed or mined. Only just over a third is still wilderness.


The Duchy of Penworthy has a rough population of 60,000 people.


The population can support over 2000 soldiers and in times of war, it can enlist more people if there were a need for defence against an invading force.


Cantor has several warships and galleys used for patrolling the coast of the Dominion. There is a dedicated number of sailors/marines that make up the navy.

Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Esgate (pop 5000)
  • Mulbridge (pop 3000)
  • Belmar (pop 1200)

There are no other towns of note in the kingdom. The remaining population live in numerous small villages, isolated dwellings, etc.


The Dominion of Cantor has 1 active castles and 2 ruined. Of these, 1 castles and 1 ruined are in civilized lands, and 0 castles and 1 ruined are in the wilderness, along borders, etc.

Duchy Religion

Ormazd is the popular god within Cantor. The Duke’s standard has the symbol for Ormazd on it.


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