The beginning of Session

  • The party decided to base themselves out of Halleyruck
  • They splashed around 200 gp in town to build a reputation for themselves as the heroes who defeated the minions of Chaos at  Felans Fortress.
  • They have named the boat Munin.


Ye-Olde Alchemy Store:

  • Astrid purchased 3 bags of herbs
  • Ernie purchased anti-venom

The Leaky Crown Inn

  • Rostov was able to discover there are drugs and illicit substances down on the docks from one of the merchant ships belonging to a neighbouring Duchy.
  • A villager from Gaaery approached the adventurers and pleaded that they would come to her village and defend them from the horror from the deep.
  • Marvin, Cara & Ernie discover a rumour about Goblins in the west.

Halleyruck Docks:

  • Party goes down to the docks to find the merchant ship from  Cantor. The party signals for the sailors on the ship and discuss purchasing poison. The  Cantor sailors sell them 5 uses worth of monkshood poison. 

Travel to Tydon

It's discussed that the party would like to head west to Tydon and try to get magic for Marvin and also try to see the Duke and discuss the  Goblins and other information. They also take Cindy with them to find out more about the village Gaaery.


Magic Shop:

  • Marvin finds a spell scroll that can be bought, something to do with flames and hands. The shopkeeper will not sell it for less than 50gp. 
  • Later Marvin returns with Cara and they negotiate buying the spell scroll for 40gp.

Alchemist Store:

  • Ernie meets with an Alchemist and pays him for a rush job to infuse 5 potions of monkshood for use to coat on weapons. The Alchemist completes the job in the time allotted.

The Duke's residence:

  • The party attempted to get a meeting with the Duke, but find he is not currently in residence. They arrange a meeting with the Seneschal.
  • Upon meeting the Seneschal they find the following information:

    • The  Duke is currently away on business. 
    • The  Goblins are hardly an issue, they haven't even considered deploying the army to deal with it.

      • [Side Note] They were able to persuade Seneschal that the army is currently deployed along the southern border.
    • He has heard of the village Gaaery, but knows very little about it. He supposes they may have folklore about a local monster but nothing he's ever heard about.

 The Harpy's Head Tavern:

  • Rostov and Ernie visited the  Harpy's Head since they had heard several Goblins worked there. 
  • They found a Goblin there who mentioned that he had heard of  Goblins causing problems on the western border. They are not of his clan as he is a swamp Goblin and not a hill Goblin. Hill Goblins are more violent and not related to him. 
  • Rostov questioned the Bartender and he said he'd heard about  Goblins and that they were causing a nuisance more than any major trouble and that Giirith was a good Goblin and one of his best workers. 

Travel to Gaaery:

  • On the trip, Marvin studied the spell scroll and learned the spell Flaming Hands.
  • The party discussed with Cindy the state of her Village and various other information. The party is suspicious of what they've heard.


  • Upon arrival the villagers were happy to see Cindy's return but a little wary of the adventurers she brought with them.
  • They were led to the only stone structure in town, the village headman's house John Gaaery

John Gaaery's Residence:

  • John and his wife Estrelle greeted the party. 
  • They gave them some information about the past two times he remembers the  horror from the deep awakening and affecting the  Five Streams villages
  • He sent three runners to the other villages to get more information about what they may have seen in the recent week leading up to the  horror's awakening.
  • He provided them with a chest that was left behind by the leader of the Mystical Order when they were run out of town. In the chest was a gray cloak and a jeweled dagger. Lego Lass cast Detect Magic on the items and found the dagger to be magical. She could glean the following:

    • It has an enchantment that finds and harms it's targets easier [+1 to attack and +1 to damage]
    • It has a secondary enchantment that was hard to determine.
    • It also has a power that was not possible to recognise
  • The party agreed to wait for the runners to come back with the information from the other villagers in the morning and John would take them during the day to see the crevasse.

End of Session



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